The Rose Roller

The Rose Roller


The Rose Roller is a facial massage tool crafted from genuine rose quartz stone to release tension, toxins, and puffiness from your face and replace it with frequencies of self love, peace, and happiness. Roll in the mornings to bring life to tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and start your day with a simple meditation. Pair it with your favorite serum at night to ensure maximum absorption of the product into your skin, amplifying your beauty routine.

Benefits of facial rolling with The Rose Roller from With Love Botanicals

  • Reduced inflammation and puffiness

  • Detoxes the lymphatic system

  • Improves absorption of serums and moisturizers

  • Shapes jaw and cheeks

  • Reduces jaw tension

  • Extra loving vibes


  • Never roll on a dirty face! Wash your face and prep skin with a serum or moisturizer.

  • Always roll in an upwards motion to prevent wrinkles

  • When working on the top of the eyelids and below the eyes, roll outwards towards ears

  • To shape jaw roll under chin following jaw bone back towards ear

  • Detox lymph nodes by slowly rolling downwards on the side of the neck starting directly under jaw


  • Make sure to always sanitize your roller before and after use. I recommend wetting a cotton pad with a little rubbing alcohol and wiping down the stone. Avoid getting the gold hardware wet.

Due to natural variations in Rose Quartz, every roller will have slightly different color shades.

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