Our Story

It all started with a bouquet of roses, a kitchen, and some free time.


How it all started

With Love Botanicals was created in the summer of 2018 with my very first rose water spray. Made from the most basic ingredients and directions, I began to see the beauty and simplicity behind natural skin care. There was no original business plan or even dream for that matter. What drove me to starting a business was the new discovery that I could help enchance other’s skincare routines with education on the benefits of natural based skin care products and a focus on holistic wellness over mainstream beauty.

My Own Skin Care Journey

I have struggled with, what I consider, average acne since I was around 14 years old. I quickly learned that my oily skin type meant I was more prone to clogged pores and needed to find a routine to help my skin breathe better. Years of dermotologist visits and prescriptions led me to depending on heavy chemical based products like Benzoyl Peroxide cleansers, Clindamayacin topical solutions, and retinals for clear skin. My skin was stripped of all oils (both good and bad), and turned over to reduce left over scarring. What this treatment also led to was lifeless dry skin that had recieved no nutrients, vitamins, or love. For many years throughout high school I felt that if I wanted clear skin, I had to settle for constant dryness, peeling, and burning. When I discovered the simplicity and transparency behind clean skincare solutions I began to see life brought back into my skin. This huge turn around is what pushed me to start researching and turning towards cleaner skincare products. Not only is it a relief to know that my skin is being cleansed and replenished to glow, natural skincare has helped me learn to accept and embrace the normal changes my skin goes through on a monthly basis. Letting go of my high and unrealistic expectations for my skin to be poreless, blemish free, and even toned as seen in the media has helped me live a happier life.

Starting a Wellness Company

I knew that I wanted to create a company based around natural skincare when I began to see the results from my own home-made products. Made from the most basic ingredients and directions, I began to see the beauty and simplicity behind natural skin care. I decided to keep going and do more research to create other products to fulfill a full skincare routine. Being able to create a company that helpes others navigate through their skin care problems and transform their self care habits is what fulfills me the most. Staying true to these origins today, With Love Botanicals is hand made, packaged, and shipped in Seattle by yours truly. Our skincare products are focused around the use of natural and nourishing oils, botanical extracts, flower waters, essential oils, clays, and more. What makes WLB special is our combination of both skin and soul. Many of our products contain crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and more to energetically charge our products to give you loving energy for your self-care routines. Our mission is to share the importance of making skin care more than just a duty, but an act of self-love. By choosing WLB you are supporting small, local, and women run businesses. Thank you for all your support, our customers are absolutely amazing.

What makes WLB special is our combination of both skin and soul.
— Keely Dolan


With Love believes in intentional and ingredients over fillers. We strive to create products focused on beneficial ingredients that deliver results straight to the source, while educating and informing our customers on what they’re putting on their skin.

All of our products begin with research on formula, what is necessary for the pH balance of the product, and making sure it is safe against bacteria. We ensure that products are fit to fight free radicals and include quality sourced ingredients. All of our products are hand made in small batches and bottled in environmentally friendly packaging. We strive to use glass products whenever possible, and recycled plastics when necessary.



  • Vitamin and mineral rich ingredients

  • Natural solutions based in essential oils and botanical extracts to fight acne, promote glowing skin, increase hydration, and slow visual effects of aging

  • Wellness accessories to combine body and soul into a self care routine

  • Transparent ingredient dictionary and education on each product’s benefits

  • Small, woman owned business


  • Products formulated with unecessary filler ingredients

  • Parabens, sulfates, and irritating fragrances

  • No transparency with ingredients, customer education, or creative process

  • Quantity over quality

  • Bulk processing

  • Environmentally irresponsible